Subway Surfers Cheats: 5 Great Tricks to Improve Your Performance

Subway Surfers Cheats

Most of us are spending time on a variety of games, and today one of the top viral games is Subway surfers. The game all about the high score and we need to master it.

The game is created by SYBO games for android, IOS, and Windows mobile. The players can also play it on the tablet or PC, and for it, we need different versions of it.

If you are interested in playing, then you can download it by Google store or an official game. The gameplay is free to play, and we can easily get it for our mobile device.

We will meet with stunning characters that always try to collect a big amount of coins. The track is full of coins, booster, and keys, so we need to get them for growing high.

Every beginner seeks to win in the game, but it is not a one day task. Keep practicing to reach higher scores.

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The player can start it with Facebook login and invite friends for challenging levels. Here we are sharing some great tricks to increase the performance.

Subway Surfers Cheats to Climb Up Levels Faster in the Game

Here are some best of the subway surfers cheats to level up the game quickly.

Take Quick Decisions 

All things are running at high speed, so it is important to make some quick decisions and predict many things before it comes closer.

The trains are coming at high speed, but at the starting time, we have enough time to measure all things. The character can easily move any directions to escape many things.

Cheats for Subway Surfers

Avoid Too Many Jumps 

In the game, you will jump in many conditions, but sometimes it is not worthy. If you really need it, then go to jumps.

Most of the pro players are avoiding too many jumps because it distracts us for a real path, and you will miss a great number of coins. The coins are essential for all things, and by that, we can buy various new things. You can earn them in the game itself or simply buy them from the game.

If you want to earn them in a bulk, there is a site: that has lots of such hacks to earn not only coins but also other such premium game currency to have unlimited lives, skins and other things.

Active Your Jetpack 

The players can use jetpacks for ultimate speed in the game, and it is beneficial for us. We need to save it for several tough tracks and in which you will going with supersonic speed.

The jetpack is giving us a wonderful experience. On regular time new jetpacks are added on the store.

Activate Jetpacks

Use Keys Wisely                 

Some kinds of keys are also effective for the players, and we must contain them. It is used for more lives, and the players can survive long in the tracks.

One big monster is coming after you some we should not stop in any conditions otherwise, it will kill you. Such keys are giving us extra chances to continue in the game.

Upgrade Boosters

Booster and hoverboard are the leading way of going forward. Both are fine for incredible speed in the tracks, and you can easily run on.

Try to avoid trains because it will slow down our speed and upgrade boosters in enormous ways in the game. Customize your character with new skins and tools, and it makes your hero presentable.

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