The Walking Dead Road to Survival Guide

the walking dead road to survival guide

Developed and released by Scopely in 2015 The Walking Dead Road to Survival has been the favourite game for many users. The rating in Google play is still 4.2 and updates are available after four years of release.

In this post, we will provide three essential guides for The Walking Dead Road to Survival beginners. Also, we present ten killer tips to kick start the game with a nonstop win.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival Resource Guide

Resources play a vital role in the game, and your continuous farming of resources can provide the breathing air. Resources can be gathered in plenty of ways, but continuous farming is the best way to get a constant supply of them.

  • After playing a certain level, you will be able to create two farms. The two fundamental strategies of resource management are generating resources and storing them.
  • When you have two farms, you can gather enough resources through them. But constantly upgrading them is the only hack to enhance the resources generation. Always update the farms when you have a sufficient amount of material.
  • Material post automatically generates material which is stored at the material store. Farming resources will not be enough until you store them accurately. Simultaneous up-gradation of the generating station and storage is the key to success.
  • Upgrading your townhouse is, therefore, the second essential tip. Upgrading your town hall and building new houses increase your room for survivors. Still, you must not do that unless you really need it. You maximum survivor cap increases as you level up in the game.

If you can upgrade the townhouse and the farms at the same pace, you will never face a shortage of them.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival Characters Upgrading Guide

Levelling up your survivors is the tricky part of the game. However, when you know the basic cheats, it will become easy for you. Three different stages of upgrading your hero are available in the game.

  • Primarily you have to level up your hero to the maximum level to upgrade them. To raise your hero to the maximum, you have to use different characters who can provide the best upgrading stats. The way to do so is selecting Characters of lower stars which bears the same trait to your targeted hero.
  • As you start levelling up the Walking Dead Road to Survival character, you will be able to determine how many heroes you have to sacrifice. Yes, as you use up your hero in levelling up other characters, they will go from your roaster. The tip for levelling up is to use the primary trainer of the same strait as they provide the maximum gain.
  • Once you level up your hero, you can upgrade them to the next level. Food and gears are the essential elements to upgrade any hero to the next level.
  • After any of your characters reaches to the maximum up-gradation, you can ascend the hero.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival Weapon Guide

The Traits of your Survivor determines the Weapon he will be using. There are two types of Weapons in the game, Melee Weapons and Ranged weapons. You have the liberty to choose the Weapon you want to use. But to equip them to your character, you should know the Traits. Melee weapons can be equipped with Fast and Strong Characters; whereas Tough and Alert are using only Ranged weapons. Also do not forget to checkout the walking dead road to survival hack and cheats for earning free coins.

Upgrading your Weapon is also essential so that you can equip your characters with the Weapon of your choice.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival Tips

Play earlier levels

Grinding is the key to get the upgrading materials in the game. You can play the previous levels again to get the items. Sometimes replay of these levels unlocks new Survivors as well.

Create a training ground as early as possible

Training ground researches improves the skills of your team. You need to unlock them when it is opened. Regular Research requires materials and food. So when you have a surplus of these items, use them for Research.

Save waiting time

Watch a video to save the waiting time of any upgradation or construction. Daily you get three chances to do so.

Zombie attack

Attack Melee weapons are not effective against the zombies when they are behind any obstacles. Prefer to use the ranged weapons against them.

Upgrade with same traits

Use characters with the same Traits to upgrade your characters. You can get HP bonuses on using the same Traits. Trainers can give maximum benefits in upgradation.

Auto battle

Auto battle uses the Adrenaline rush even if it is not necessary. Try to avoid the mode and use Adrenaline Rush against the last herd of any mission.

Ally character

In story mode, you get one ally character. Check the trait of it before selecting your team.

Check challenges

Challenges play a vital role in battles. You need to know the surprise challenges that is expected from enemy herds. You need to load the battle items or choose traits based on that.

Unlock character slots

After you start the game do not take a break till you unlock all three additional slots of your team roaster. You won’t be able to use more persona in battle without unlocking them.

Don’t claim resource prizes

From mission battles, you can win food and material rewards. Claim these prizes when they are necessary to avoid them from getting stolen.


The Walking Dead Road to Survival Beginners Guide is aimed to conclude here. The above tips are practical for players who start the game recently.

Scopely does massive updates in the game, and we request to unfollow the outdated posts to avoid being deflected from the original road of survival.

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