The Walking Dead Road To Survival Hack Cheats Unlimited Coins

the walking dead road to survival hack

After a successful launch in 2015 and even after four years the walking dead road to survival still maintains its relevance to RPG lovers. A massive overhaul of the game by Scopely has made it more exciting and attracting more players day by day.

From our experienced players, we are presenting the walking dead road to survival cheats in this post.

12 Killer Cheats for Walking Dead Road to Survival With Some Hacks

1. Focus on Rare Survivors Only

The Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats to play through the game is merely to focus on obtaining the rare Survivors. In the beginning, you will have to depend on single or double star Survivors. But soon you will realise that they are not adequate in front of the dead men. In such a case, there are two strategies you have to adopt.

Primarily you need to gather coins and save them for obtaining rare Survivors. However, you will require plenty of coins to get them. But never step into Walking Dead road to survival coin generator sites to earn coins as they are fake.

On the other hand, you can start upgrading the survivors that currently you have. There are none of the Walking Dead Road to survival hack apk that guarantees you to provide the Elite Survivors.

2. Try to Master the Manual Mode

Many articles are providing a tip of using auto mode. While you are surrounded by the walking dead, it may be one of The Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats to use the AI for the game to run smooth. It might be an advantage while you want to be on the winning side. But we have a different opinion regarding using auto mode.

Our suggestion is to master the manual mode. The reason is to have a comfortable use of adrenaline rush. While you play the auto mode, the Ai uses rush as and when it is available. But there might be a proper time to use your AR. In the last wave, there are the most potent attackers, and the appropriate time to use AR is against the toughest opponent. When you play the manual mode, you can use the AR appropriately.

3. Unlock Four Survivor Slots

In the beginning, you will start with two Survivor slot. As you complete various location, more slots are opened up. The primary The Walking Dead Road to Survival hack in the battle is to open up all four additional slots at the earliest possible opportunity.

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There is an advantage to do so. There are four traits in the game which has a priority and dependency. Considering your enemy’s stat, the best trick to form your team is keeping one member from each Trait. It will provide you with more liberty to play the game and win.

4. Take Advantage of Traits

There are four Traits in the combat mechanics, which can be advantageous while you form your attack. Here is the walking dead road to survival cheats of the mechanism.

  • Strong is higher than Fast But lower than Alert
  • Fast is stronger than Tough but weaker than Strong
  • Tough is higher than Alert But weaker than Fast
  • Alert is higher than Strong but weaker than Tough

So while attacking your enemy The Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats is to use the highest traits and reduce the HP. As the HP is reduced, attack with a lower Trait to finish them off the way.

5. Play Story Roadmap and Earn Rare Survivors

The game has various mode, and you can enjoy all the Modes at a different stage. But before you go to other Modes, The Walking Dead Road to Survival hack is to get stronger Survivors. The story mode is the key to get all these rare and elite Survivors. As you will pass on every chapter of the stories, you get rewards which include these Survivors.

Primarily there is a direct benefit when you get a rare Survivor. But if you receive lower starred, Survivors don’t be upset. The lower level Survivors are inevitable to level up your rare Survivors.

6. Daily Missions are Beneficial

Daily Missions and events unlock after the player level 6 is achieved. You should check the Missions every day and play according to your suitability. You can find the rewards that you are going to receive after completing each Mission.

These rewards are the only possible cheats for Walking Dead Road to survival to get the ingredients to various activity. Evolving items are received through these missions for free. So if you do not want to spend coins, you should grab all the freebies. Unfortunately, the players who are playing with The Walking Dead Road to Survival mod apk have no benefit from events.

7. Do Not Spend Coins on Buying Items

The game can be easily played without spending the real cash. However, you need to use The Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats to do so. The first tip of playing without spending money is not to spend coins after a trivial purchase. There are multiple items available at the store which can only be obtained with coins.

Most players in the game thrive against the energy of the game. World energy, raid energy, war energy, territory energy and survival energy, all five of them are refilled with time. All you need to spend them with a The Walking Dead Road to Survival hack.

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Use a second account in the game and play these modes one by one. At a higher level, you might only be interested in playing territory battles. But playing other Modes have multiple benefits and gives you ample time to refill your energy flask.

8. Use the Supply Depot Cautiously

After you complete a certain level, you will unlock supply depot. The place is nothing but trading of resources in exchange for various tokens. Once you play War, raid assault of Faction you gain these tokens. In exchange for them, you get the battling items.

There is also a provision of selling your Survivors, not to any other player, but the AI controls it. But it is never advisable to sell any of your Survivors. The Walking Dead Road to Survival hack can be lucrative to earn coins, but the best use of Survivors is to level up other Survivors and not to sell them.

9. Join a Faction

Faction is merely the guild mechanism that gives multiple benefits. After completing the story modes, you will encounter these modes at an advanced stage. You need to join a Faction to stay safe and earn massive rewards.

We mentioned early that various tokens give you battling items, EVO items in trade. But these tokens can be earned through taking part in events with your Faction. But there is a The Walking Dead Road to Survival hack to remember in this case for beginners to save coin. Do not form a Faction but join an active one.

10. Earn Prestige Rewards

The benefit of playing every day is the prestige reward that is introduced very recently. Every day as you log in, you get fifty prestige points, and on the seventh day, you collect 350 points. As you reach 350 points in exchange, you open up Prestige crate.

But if your game is The Walking Dead Road to Survival hack apk you have high chance to lose these rewards and get market by developers.

Prestige crate is most comfortable The Walking Dead Road to Survival hack to get rare weapons and Survivors.

11. Survivor Club

The walking dead Road to Survival has a VIP membership, called as the survivors club. It can be purchased spending money in the game. But those using The Walking Dead Road to Survival mod apk should not go for it.

As a boost and promotion, you get seven days of trial free when you play the game. The benefit of Joining Survivors club is enormous:

  • You get 5star ascendable survivor named Andrea,
  • You get one premium Recruit daily
  • Your Survivor cap is increased 500 additional to existing
  • Food and material production is double the original.

Players make a mistake to take this trial at the beginning. But our premier The Walking Dead Road to Survival cheats prevent you from doing so. The suggestion is to use it after you reach level 10. The benefits can be appropriately utilised at that later stage gameplay.

12. Skip Building Time Watching Video

Upgrading the townhouse or any structure requires a specific time to finish. You need to wait for that time to get your resource generation to start. However, The Walking Dead Road to Survival hack to get rid of this waiting time is not revealed so far. You can watch a video to skip the waiting time.

Nevertheless, every day, you get three opportunities to skip the waiting time without even watching the video.


Reading the post, you have understood that the walking dead road to survival cheats lies under the gameplay.

The tricks stated above must be followed to gain supremacy in the game. Also, remind you to be aware of Walking Dead Road to survival coin generator sites and use legal ways only.

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