WWE Supercard Season 6 Game Modes and Features

WWE Supercard Season 6 Game Modes

After a series of debates and discussions about season 6, the final rollout of WWE Supercard Season 6 has created the hype in the mobile market.

The card game is speared with new features with massive quests and rewards in this new era of a card game.

So what are those new features that came in last November might have surely fascinated you?

But those who are still in the dilemma of whether to continue with the game here comes a sneak preview of the new features.

Different Game Modes

The game has various Modes to play like wild war, Last Man, King of the Rings, and many more.

However, the best part is all the Modes can be played with a similar aim of getting rewards. You need to follow some basic strategies to play the various Modes of the game. You can find all such strategies and cheats online on https://wwesupercardcheatsglitch.com/ site.

When you understand the fundamentals of each of them, it will be easier for you to play.

Wild Exhibition Matches

WWE Supercard Wild Mode

The first Mode of playing WWE SuperCard is the wild exhibition matches.

The first game is wild exhibition matches. If you play more of these matches, you will be able to collect cards of different wrestlers.

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Depending on your top eight cards, the rewards are available. The best way to collect cards is to play the wild Mode and win all three matches.

PVP Challenges

WWE Supercard PVP Mode

PVP or Quest mode is also a mine of cards. The fundamental is the same for the game of three, but the rules changes according to the quest.

You need to have different cards to fill in the deck. Autofill is an excellent option to find the best Cards. The rewards of a draft pick are higher in PVP than the wild Mode.

King Of The Rings

The King of the Rings

King of the ring is the next excellent Mode that will give you complete entertainment. It would be best if you have strategies to play the game.

The rules are different than earlier two Modes. Here you cannot change the cards till the competition is over.

However, you can improve them. The Mode diminishes the energy from your Superstars, and thus their stats are reduced gradually.

It would be best if you filled in their energy at regular intervals. The energy refill pack can be obtained through the wild and PVP Mode.

If you win a match, you can collect one refill pack. The maximum number of refill packs that can accumulate at a time is fixed.

Money in the Bank

WWE Supercard Money in the Bank Mode

Money in the bank is a ladder series of the game, and you can play them with six players. It is a five-tier ladder, and you have to win every tier to reach the top.

If you fail, you can use another player to defeat the existing winner.

The debut of new features in the new season will inevitably change the way of your gameplay as there are more into starter packs, rewards, and features.

When you play the game daily, you will unveil the new heroes and master these modes. Never fail to check our various articles to know more about WWE SuperCard.

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